We partner with you
to face the cloud transition.

Values for Channel Partner

Profit :

We source, test, and validate new IoT solutions for you to catch up with IoT business opportunities.

Easy to Sell :

We offer various assembly solutions for your smart connected needs.

Easy Payment :

We build an online platform for you to check out the latest solutions and place orders with different payment options.

Easy Logistics :

We provide flexible order fulfillment in small quantities to facilitate ease of deployment.

Trouble Free :

We provide technical support and call center service.

Services for Channel Partner

  • Sales training
  • Marketing collateral download
  • Operation Manual download

  • Technical document download
  • Training for technology evangelist

  • Leads forwarding
  • Deal registration

  • Contact window for sales/technical support
  • Assist and sponsor partner on conducting product fair and training session

IoT / Smart Connected Solution Offering

How To Collaborate

Scenarios Role Play

• Enable Partners to visualize and conceptualize solutions

Leads Generation

• Co-Marketing

• Project hand-holding

Localized Support

Transform and Become a MSP

• Enjoy Recurring Revenue

• Transform Revenue to Annuity

Our Service
Get prepared for IOT generation.   Transform to a MSP.   Get rewarded.

We collaborate with worldwide cloud-based/networking solution providers to enable channel partners providing IoT solutions and cloud services.

We are ready to operate the cloud service subscription model on our Channel Partner Service Portal, offering automatic cloud service delivery.

We partner with you to face the challenges of transition to service business:

More Complex business
Longer Order Cycles