GCR to host Bali Seminar on Smart Monetization Wi-Fi and F&B Solutions

GCR news [Thursday, 28 April 2016]

Kick off cooperation with Indonesian partners; explore the prospects for hospitality.

The Smart Monetization Wi-Fi and F&B Solutions Seminar is held in Bali, Indonesia on 28 April. The seminar aims to introduce IoT solutions with IT managers of hotels and F&B (Food and Beverage) to improve their operation, business as well as monetization.

GCR is taking one step closer to the market and fulfilling customer’s real demands with the value-added solutions that shoot for monetization. The topics focus on value- added hospitality services. IoT solutions help the hospitality industry adopt new online to offline (O2O) business models to enhance their services with possibility of monetized their existing infrastructure investment cost.

From 10am to 4pm, this seminar covers a great variety of solutions that meets different business needs from operation to marketing, the genuine business values and user scenarios for hospitality industry. These selected GCR solutions with big data sense provide hoteliers with clearer customer insight. GCR’s supportive solution partner, Ransnet, gives customer a great detailed elaboration on Wi-Fi marketing with live demonstration. The audience has high interest in the advanced marketing approach.

Seeing the mega trends for hoteliers in 2016, the importance of technology manifests – as consumers nowadays are becoming “smarter”, meanwhile, with maturity of share economy, the completion for hoteliers has been so keen than ever, to get to know customer’s real needs, hoteliers need to evolve with time.

By harnessing the right solutions, hoteliers can hereby strengthen the competence and cater to more customers. The selected solutions in this seminar are shooting for monetization that helps hoteliers to improve customer experience, enhance brand loyalty, and create more revenue stream.

Overall, this seminar is an exciting try on the pearl of Indonesian hospitality and tourism, Bali Island, which also takes the leading role of south-east Asian market. The hoteliers here are open to new technology to leverage their business, with strong technical and marketing support, GCR is also prepared to work on this market by recruiting local channel partners and engaging with local business entities.








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