Indonesia Internet Expo & Summit 2017 in conjunction with Indonesia Digital Technology Week 2017

GCR news [Friday, 8 December 2017]

Being dedicated to smart IoT and analytics solutions, GCR as a full-service IoT and analytics solutions aggregator gives its insight to hospitality industry in this annual technology event.

The hotel industry in Indonesia has enjoyed major expansion since 2011 with the growth of the number of hotels reaching between 9% and 14% every year, Indonesia has been regarded as one of the most attractive countries in terms of tourism by investors.

Although Indonesia is the largest country in the Southeast Asia and it contains ample attractions for tourists, recent years being aware of the keen competition with the regional peers such as Thailand and Malaysia in tourism industry, Indonesia has been expending efforts to leverage the tourism industry on the country level.

Recognizing Indonesia’s market potential, GCR gives a session to Indonesia Internet Expo & Summit 2017 (28th, Nov) sharing the insight to mega technology trend in hospitality & tourism industry. Starting from how IoT has shaped our living nowadays and how much digital experiences means to consumers, Mr. Andi Tanudiredja, GCR Country Manager in Indonesia, advised that to improve customer satisfaction and retention, and ultimately, to increase the revenue, hoteliers should consider a vastly expanded world of apps, devices and back-end systems as building blocks, to expand the hotel core application landscape and create the optimized digital guest experience.

As an integral part of a good guest experience, The hotel Wi-Fi is the key foundation, and the entire reason for a hotel offering Wi-Fi to the guests is to help with the bottom line. Since free Wi-Fi has become a necessity in the industry, the Wi-Fi needs to meet the expectations of the guests. Regarding this, GCR has aligned with Edgecore to help with this back bone of hotel digital experiences and demonstrated the selected Wi-Fi solutions in a booth this time. Focusing on hospitality market segment, Edgecore Networks understand the growth in the segment as well as the demand on management of such Wi-Fi environment. In addition to the standalone enterprise wireless access points, Edgecore also focus on key enterprise wireless access point in both indoor and outdoor design with controller-based solution.

In this annual event of showcasing the innovative technology and service providers, GCR has seen increasing opportunities and great market potential in Indonesia by networking with key decision makers from public and private sectors in ICT industry, and will start to work strategically with local partners shortly, to penetrate into respective markets.

About Indonesia Internet Expo & Summit

The Indonesia Internet Expo & Summit 2017 in conjunction with Indonesia Digital Technology Week 2017 takes place from 23-25 November in Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia.

It’s the Southeast Asia’s platform ICT innovations for economic development, where regulators maker and policy meet with industries experts, investor, entrepreneurs and innovators.

The program of exhibition, debate, networking, and awards reflects the core emphasis on the importance of accelerating ICT innovation.








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