ObjectBlocks IoT Starter Kit Supports Google AIY Projects - A Further Step to Artificial Intelligence

GCR news [Monday, 6 May 2019]

The junior developers of ObjectBlocks can build their IoT projects with voice assistant and image recognition ability.

The launch of Google AIY projects in 2017 greatly lowered the threshold of artificial intelligence and has made the days of many do-it-yourself IoT players. Vision Kit lets IoT makers enjoy the visual support like object detection and facial recognition on Android things, even in the environment without WiFi coverage; Voice Kit allows IoT makers to build an intelligent speaker that can understand and response on Android things. Now, ObjectBlocks IoT starter kit can perfectly connect with both kits, making itself more advantageous and a greater teaching tool for the STEM educators and learners.

Both Google AIY projects and ObjectBlocks adopt the most popular platforms among the DIY crowds. While Google AIY Vision Kit and Voice Kit are based on Raspberry Pi, with a strong ability to attach to external sensors and other components, ObjectBlocks is built on Arduino UNO that allows makers to upload programs, interact with motors and sensors, and analyze data over-the-air. With the support on Google AIY projects, ObjectBlocks IoT makers can assemble their robots and smart home projects with more ease and imagination.

Google AIY Vision Kit on ObjectBlocks

Google AIY Vision Kit is designed for rapid and easy deployment of pre-trained neural networks that have been developed using Google’s open source Tensorflow deep learning framework. These neural networks allow the AIY Vision Kit to run applications such as emotion estimation and recognize over 1,000 common objects such as cats, dogs and varieties of plants.

With the AIY Vision Kit, ObjectBlocks IoT makers are able to create their own intelligent cameras that can see and recognize using machine learning in their self-built home security projects. For example: a facial recognition door for a simple access control system or a video surveillance robot to help guide the surroundings.

Google AIY Voice Kit on ObjectBlocks

Google AIY Voice Kit enables people build their own natural language processor and connect it to the Google Assistant or cloud speech-to-text service, allowing people to ask questions and issue voice commands to any devices other than mobile phones. It aims to deliver advanced computer vision capabilities in a low-cost, developer friendly package.

ObjectBlocks IoT makers will have lots of fun by implementing the AIY Voice Kit in their home automation projects. For example: a mini observatory that tells you the temperature and PM2.5 air quality outside the house or a smart light for people who are always feel reluctant to leave the comfort of their beds in the night time.


The extensive use of sensors and wireless connectivity have made the IoT surge in the past few years. Yet, there are so many ideas and possibilities awaits the younger generation and do-it-yourself IoT players to explore, and ObjectBlocks IoT starter kit strives to be the one behind every innovative IoT application and every fun IoT experiment.

For more information and availability about ObjectBlocks IoT Starter Kit, please check GCR official website: https://www.gcrcloud.com/solutions/Edutainment/Cloud-based-IoT-Starter-Kit/ObjectBlocks








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