The Technology Era Lists GCR in the "10 Most Innovative IoT Solution Providers 2019"

GCR news [Wednesday, 13 November 2019]

10 Most Innovative IoT Solutions Providers 2019

Being a leading technology media platform, The Technology Era always keeps spreading it wings to look out for innovative game-changers and techno-geeks who are shaping the infrastructure of the world. It has encircled themselves with all the smart devices around such as smart watches, smart phones, laptops, etc., and this is how it stays connected globally. This has all become possible due to IoT. Thus, in order to shed light on the organizations, which are disrupting the status quo with their revolutionary IoT solutions, the Technology Era has announced the release of its new edition, "10 Most Innovative IoT Solutions Providers 2019".

Considering the aspects such as novel approach in incorporating IoT technology, proficiency in delivering topnotch solutions, and a strong desire to make the world a better place, the editorial team at The Technology Era has enlisted “10 Most Innovative IoT Solutions Providers 2019”. The proposed list is of the industry leaders, who are adding an immense value in the evolution of IoT industry.

This listing would have been incomplete without featuring GCR, which founded in 2013 as a global solution provider for technology miniaturization with pervasive computing as the inspiration, GCR. Since those early days, the company has evolved to become a globally recognized leader which provides wide range of solutions, services and applications to help you accelerate business growth and keep pace with the development of Internet of Things and Cloud Computing era.

Cavin Smith, the Editor-in-chief of Technology Era Magazine asserted, "This edition not only covers the remarkable contributions of these trailblazing organizations, but also captures the glimpse of the future of industry. We believe that through this edition we have been able to put forward the wonders of IoT and businesses shaping its future."

About Technology Era: The Technology Era is a magazine for tech executives, who provide an unlikely yet refreshing thought to these success stories. Herein, it believes that the success of any technology depends on the strength and insight of the technology leadership, and it strives to follow the same. The Technology Era aims to capture some of the most compelling stories of tech executives across different industries and pen them down on our magazine pages. It dives into their perspectives to understand how they harnessed the power and the potential of the digital revolution to ameliorate their team, their company, and their careers. The Technology Era captures ideas, passions, and personalities of executives who are actively shaping the role of technology in the business.

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