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Intelligent Beacon Based CMS

By ShopJoy

ShopJoy offers the possibility to communicate with customers through their smartphone in a new smart way. ShopJoy, backed with iBeacon, makes it possible to pinpoint the exact position of a customer ranging from meters down to centimeters, independent of physical distractions. The precision of the product provides an organization with endless possibilities of communication.

Using ShopJoy, an organization can increase sales, boost brand awareness and create loyal and satisfied customers. ShopJoy does not require a brand app but only takes few steps for an organization to get it working:

1) Prepare the stores for proximity communication. Place iBeacon or create virtual Geofences.
2) In the cloud-based CMS, the customer creates the link between the content and the store. It can be push campaigns, physical retargeting or analytics.
3) Data are collected, and content is delivered in a mobile app (a brand app or a social media app)
4) Based on where the customer is, he can create digital communication in different digital channels like facebook.
5) The analytics platform shows the conversion rates and data regarding the customer behaviors