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More than 90 of 100 top global brands use mobile app as a marketing channel. Although a creative marketing app can certainly play a central part of a brand’s customer experience, it may occupy lots of resources in a brand’s marketing team.

SellingHub is a marketing app catering to this rising business demands for digital mobility. It serves as an information platform that brings e-catalog onto a customized app interface, where multifarious models and designs are accommodated for enterprises to differentiate their marketing strategies from peers.

SellingHub is designed with a mechanism to automatically synchronize the front-end app with the back-end e-catalog, ensuring the consistency of a brand’s information delivery. Marketing specialists can always provide instant and streamlined services to customers. Additionally, the built-in contact mechanism helps enhance seamless quality and ease of customer services.

Product features:
● Instant information renewal, catering to rapid changes of the market
● Full-scale management mechanism for avoiding leakage
● Customized app front-end interface and flexible configuration
● Support on various forms of mobile devices
● Support for offline browsing
● Integration with document folders to build individual reading experience
● Secure yet flexible permission control mechanism
● Dashboard information on number of visitors, browsing time