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RFID and IoT Platform System

By Mojix APAC Korea Limited

Omni-channel requires accuracy, and the accurate inventory gives smart retailers the confidence needed to make commitments and fulfill stores.

Mojix is the leader and innovator in fixed infrastructure sensor networks that collect, store, analyze and interconnect data from multiple sources including RFID, GPS and other sensor devices. It helps create efficient and agile enterprises by giving assets a digital voice so users can make data-driven decisions.

RFID and IoT Platform System, the wide-area RFID reader from Mojix, provides high performance inventory tracking and analytics for retail, ambulatory healthcare and other complex environments. It is equipped with unmatched performance and a highly flexible software API, providing accurate inventory data without the need for hands-on, manual counting with barcodes or handheld RFID scanners.

Use cases:
● Retail
Automatically and invisibly collect accurate, real-time inventory data – with location – to avoid out-of-stocks and reduce markdowns, enabling omni-channel fulfillment and enhancing customer loyalty.
● Manufacturing
Synchronize and optimize supply chain, verify shipments and automate, streamline and error-proof processes. Asset tracking of tooling, fixed assets and WIP to ensure audit compliance and maintain peak output.
● Oil & Gas
Track location of assets in real-time, streamline supply chain logistics, boost return on capital, improve safety, and mitigate operational risk.
● Healthcare
Improve patient outcomes and patient and staff satisfaction, streamline patient flow, tighten the supply chain, and track expensive equipment and other assets throughout the system.
● Event Security & Safety
Enhance the comfort, safety and security of attendees, monitor attendance, improve ticketing operations, combat counterfeiting, and coordinate security from a central location



RFID solution is to tackle the core issue of asset tracking, stationary or mobile.
The concept is based on non contact scanning from 10 cm to 10 mts based on requirement.