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capV_Web meeting and AV Conferencing

By CaprusIT Pvt Ltd

CapV is a next-generation on-demand video calling platform that can work on any operating system without needing any modification. Anyone with access to a browser can have access to all its functionality, eliminating the need of developing and maintaining the IT hardware and installation required by the end-users.

CapV offers users native integration and customization through on-demand video recording. That being said, users do not need to record the whole video conversation but can start or end recording based on their requirements.

Beside one-to-one and conference audio/video calling, features of capV include video recording, text chatting, user authentication, screen sharing, and file sharing. With released mobile and web SDKs, capV has the flexibility to be embedded to the existing systems to fit any industry and enterprise requirements.

Channel Master

By iRevo

Virtual Player for Easy Encoding and Streaming

The iRevo Channel Master (iCM) platform enables video channel authoring for use by digital agencies, online celebrities, content publishers, video bloggers, broadcasters, and the likes. All the software runs on Amazon Cloud and makes it easy to author a live or stored video channel and publish it to Facebook Live, YouTube Live and various CDNs (Content Delivery Networks).

The iCM software on Amazon Web Services (AWS) virtualizes the player device that renders the video channel. This video output is encoded and streamed to the selected Live platform or CDN. This 'All in Cloud' processing results in a highly simplified workflow, reduced cost and enables authoring and distribution from anywhere. Now you can engage your audience on each screen: phones, tablets, personal computer and television by using the iRevo Channel Master console!

Content authors can be education content creators, corporate training channels or digital marketing copywriters.


By Linkstreet Learning Priviate Limited.

The progress of e-learning revolutionizes not only schools and course providers but the corporate world. One-time training does not guarantee learning or knowledge retention, and trainers have to travel to distributed retail outlets – so difficult and expensive for the corporate. Meanwhile, short product lifecycle requires quick updates, and employees are not always motivated to learn. Micro-learning provides the answer to these issues and engages the millennials in the workplace.

RAPL is a mobile app for continuous bite-sized learning. It is notification-based to enable reinforced and adaptive learning to each employee. The library with job aids feature acts as a ready reckoner on the job, and the gamification design encourages and motivates the learners. There are plenty ready-to-use scenarios, ranging from product knowledge and sales techniques to SOPs and safety & compliance, assisting rapid custom content development for scenarios unique to each organization.

Product features:
● Retention focused: Scientific spaced repetition techniques for knowledge retention
● Adapted to each learner: Learning is specific and adapted to each individual
● Multilingual: Learners can choose to view material in the language of their choice
● Library of job aids: A library of reference material acts as a ready reckoner on the job
● Gamified: Points, leaderboards and badges maintain a competitive spirit among learners
● Quick deployment: Get started in less than a day, across mobile and desktop
● Monitoring: Hierarchy based monitoring by region, area, territory and more


By Softfoundry

VMEET is a software-based unified communication system that provides immersive lifelike Ultra High-Definition (4K) video conferencing experience with perfect audio and video quality in a highly effective and large-scale conference.

VMEET's unique proprietary patented video codec (SFDV++) and H.265 super compression codec delivers the best video conferencing performance at incredibility low bandwidth with innovative features, bringing a faster return on investment. VMEET has an interoperable compatibility with third party conference systems, efficient and secured communications, highly effective collaboration, remotely builds trust and good relationships and most importantly increases the efficiency and quality of decision-making.

Applicable industries: LME, SMB, Enterprise, Financials, Government, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Education and Training, Retail.

Live Streaming Service Platform


Business feels more and more pressured for live streaming now because it realizes that more and more consumers are enjoying the live steamed contents from brands. People tend to buy from brands they trust, and business’ video streaming encourages trust through transparency. Furthermore, effective UGC (User Generated Content) can generate engagement times higher than content generated by brands.

The live streaming service platform from is the most famous UGC live streaming solution in Taiwan. StraaS focuses on modularized video streaming, serving OTT (Over the Top) core technology and monetization modules for content providers to maximize their profits from content. By providing a robust, globally distributed infrastructure and its UGC live streaming technology modules, StraaS also offers system integrators worldwide a great opportunity for corresponding system integration and consulting services. Customers can have their own UGC live streaming service ready very quickly.

Product features:
● Empowering room-based video apps
The infrastructure provided can be easily integrated into the exiting membership system, allowing to create UGC live streaming services swiftly. Users can sign up for accounts with the live streaming service and create their own live stream channel.
● Chatroom
The chat room interactive modules maintain low latency even under high loads. These modules also support customized stickers, enabling the creation of more flexible and creative interactive experiences.
● AI analytics
A complete data monitoring API satisfies the data analysis needs, and real-time live stream analytics applies artificial intelligence (AI) to determine whether the live stream contains content that violate regulations or not.