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Coding education for kids is really taking off. It is undoubtedly the key to solving problems and making an impact in the digitally-driven world in the 21th century. As children learn best by doing, and tangible objects help them form concrete ways of thinking, blocks service as a great tool for them to start with the complex programming leaning via a simple, physical object.

ObjectBlocks is the flagship product of Coding101 - a Hong Kong-based science and technology provider specialized in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and coding education. It consists of sensors and controls and is programmable. With its WiFi and Bluetooth capability, users can program the blocks, collect data, and analyze data via real-time, visualized dashboard. With ObjectBlocks, coding education can’t be easier.

Coding101 has been honored to become the certified education partner of Makeblock products and having extensive experience instructing courses in primary school, secondary school, and coding camps.

Product features:
● ObjectBlocks Shield Prime: SD card offline storage, WiFi and Bluetooth capability, and Arduino UNO support
● ObjectBlocks Programming and Data Platform: Over-the-air program for data upload via WiFi and Bluetooth, web-based Arduino programming interface, and auto-generate Arduino C code from block programming
● Data Dashboard: Real-time visualization of data from ObjectBlocks Shield Prime or other data sources, data analysis of historical data, and graph formats support like line chart, bar chart, pie chart etc.
● Others: Data triggered IFTTT events, multiple ObjectBlocks Shield Prime support, inter-shield communications, and single dashboard for data from multiple shields


By Tarkustech Innovations

BeeCar and MelaCake series use specific software, TarkusVP, which provides a intuition user interface and experience to make coding learning curriculum in ES and MS stage, and the position will be a role of connection between the stage of teaching models of blockly VP and real programming. The TarkusVP interface uses the flow-chart-based methodology to have clear and ease-to-use demonstrations in the education fields of coding. Besides the software, their package of business model provides an educational total solution includes hardware, the authorization of software, educational case, textbook, video, handouts for teacher as well. With both of Chinese and English version of language modes, this Coding education project from TW’s university connects with educators from university or educational institute and so far the market of this product has been implemented into HK and TW schools currently.