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Lecture Capture Systems- PTZ camera

By AVer Information Inc.

Lecture capture systems  - Professional PTZ/Tracking Cameras

PTC300 is available in equipped versatile functions to suit every classroom, hospital, or business. Creating the superior video quality, the PTC300 makes you feel the action in a scene!

• Provide superior video quality and high-performance camera controls, allowing you to easily record and share professional video and experiences.  
• Deliver high-quality video for recording and streaming, and superior auto tracking with no experienced camera operator required.
• Provide outstanding image quality in full HD 1080p at 60 fps, as well as offering the best performance in auto focus, auto exposure, and auto white balance.

※Livestream with a PTZ Camera
You can livestream lectures by using EZLive software with your laptop and PTZ camera. Enjoy real-time annotation, capture images, and save videos.

※Broadcast with an Auto Tracking Camera
Simply connect a USB converter to your Auto Tracking Camera to broadcast lectures online through EZLive software. You can even add highlights and save snapshots to your laptop while streaming.

※Stable Motion Control
Fully optimize your recording with customizable speed settings from 0.1°to 200° per second that maximize the agility and precision of pan/tilt rotation motion control.

Lecture Capture -- Education Systems, Corporate Training
Conference Capture -- Public Meeting, Parliament, Investor Relations
Event Capture -- Worship Events, Group Events

※Seamlessly Track in Preset ZonesSmartShoot optimizes your camera controls for automatic and seamless content capturing between preset areas, enabling you to create an uncompromising multi-camera feel with just one PTC300. Save time and effort while unlocking a huge variety of options for your video.
※Ideal FOV in Seconds  
The new SmartFrame function provides one-touch face targeting technology that lets you quickly create stunning video content. SmartFrame instantly adjusts your FOV to fit everyone on-screen so you can start recording presentations, lectures, and more without hassle. Perfect for capturing multiple people, SmartFrame makes creating video content easy and enjoyable
※Cover Every Angle with Prolific Presets
Preset the PTC300 with up to 255 different locations through VISCA via RS232 and RS422 functionality. In addition, you can set 10 preset locations with its simplified IR remote, which gives you easy manual control of the recording view.

Mechanical Arm Wired/Wireless Visualizer

By AVer Information Inc.

Visualizers (Document Cameras)

M15W is a next generation wired/wireless document camera designed to enhance classroom lessons and student engagement. Its lightweight and compact design allows teachers to move the camera anywhere in the classroom to present physical lesson material, or allow for students to present their own projects and assignments. The 13 mega pixel camera offers crystal clear images at 60 FPS for smooth video to keep students interested and engaged. Connecting via 5GHz WiFi to either the school network, or point-to-point the M15W provides lag-free video so students do not get distracted by choppy or delayed video. The included AVerTouch Interactive Software also allows educators to write, highlight, annotate and mark up live video, as well as import supporting images to the presentation. One-touch video recording and instant upload to the cloud allows teachers to save presentations for later review, sharing, and even parent viewing of student projects.

There is also available M15-13M model for Wired USB version.

•13-Megapixel Camera with 4K Quality The 13-megapixel camera delivers 4KUltra HD 60fps output resolution, creating remarkably detailed images of any object.Enjoy breathtaking video with no lag.  
•Fantastic USB Camera for Distance Learning  
The M15W’ s extremely compact and lightweight design makes it the best USB camera for boundary-free distance learning.It even includes a highly convenient rechargeable battery so you can just grab it and get online!  
•Highly Flexible Foldable Arm
The flexible and adjustable arm allows users to capture A3 or larger papers. Also,never worry about upside-down images again. Thanks to the position indicator on the camera head, teachers can always rock an accurate and efficient display 
•Wired or Wireless Whichever You Prefer Not a fan of wireless connection or don't have an ideal Wi-Fi environment? No problem. Teachers can visualize materials from multiple devices via USB or HDMI connections. Changing teaching behavior should be the least of your concerns. 
Available powerful software,designed exclusively for AVer visualizers.

USB Interactive Visualizer

By AVer Information Inc.

Visualizers (Document Cameras)   

U70+ combines simplicity and low cost in a feature-rich USB visualizer. Get the greatest graphics performance with U70+’s 13 MP, 4K camera, and seamless live streaming at 60 fps at 1080p resolution and 30 fps at 4K.

The AVerVision U70+ USB visualizer features exceptional portability and convenience as well as the ability to run solely off power from the computer. The lag-free 60 fps frame rate, 13-megapixel camera sensor, 4K output resolution, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and built-in microphone make it an excellent choice during video chats. Easily integrate U70+ with an interactive flat panel (IFP) via the AVerVision Flash Plug-in, or use A+ Plug-in for PowerPoint to capture high-quality visualizer images, record live video and audio.
Present classroom material in crystal clear video with AVerVision Interactive Visualizers. Each line of AVerVision Visualizers serve a different classroom need to help students engage and connect with their classes.

•13 MP, 60 fps, 4K Output Resolution, SuperSpeed USB 3.0  
•Present classroom material in 4K
•Explore every detail

Package content
- AVerVision U70+ unit
- A+ Suite software CD (available for selected markets)
- Warranty card
- USB 3.0 cable
- Quick guide

•Hassle-free Live 4K Imaging
Show vivid, blur-free live video at 4K output resolution that will dazzle any audience, while utilizing the visualizer’s wide shooting area and long fexible arm to easily capture complete images of documents & objects larger than an A3 sheet of paper.
•Easy Online Video Streaming
Take advantage of U70+’s quality 13-megapixel camera sensor, nearly instantaneous auto focus and built-in microphone to video chat through Skype™ and similar programs, streaming live images from the visualizer to friends, colleagues and pupils online.
•Enjoy Superior Quality with SuperSpeed USB 3.0
Connect your visualizer to your computer or IWB easily via the U70+’s USB 3.0 port. Both live video and recording are extra-clear and ultra-smooth at full HD up to 60 fps.
•Compact and Portable Design
Bring your U70+ visualizer along with you wherever you go thanks to a lightweight design, a fexible arm and camera head that flexible arm and camera head that effortlessly slip into the visualizer’s frame and a built-in handle for easy toting.

capV_Web meeting and AV Conferencing

By CaprusIT Pvt Ltd

CapV is a next-generation on-demand video calling platform that can work on any operating system without needing any modification. Anyone with access to a browser can have access to all its functionality, eliminating the need of developing and maintaining the IT hardware and installation required by the end-users.

CapV offers users native integration and customization through on-demand video recording. That being said, users do not need to record the whole video conversation but can start or end recording based on their requirements.

Beside one-to-one and conference audio/video calling, features of capV include video recording, text chatting, user authentication, screen sharing, and file sharing. With released mobile and web SDKs, capV has the flexibility to be embedded to the existing systems to fit any industry and enterprise requirements.

EyeRIS PRO_ Interactive IWB system

By Cybernetyx

Convert any Surface into Interactive - Wireless Collaboration Whiteboard

EyeRIS® Pro is an advanced Interactive Wireless Device for Projector that converts the screen into a wireless touch-enabled Digital Whiteboard.
The device augments the projector-based meeting rooms with interactivity and collaboration by turning a screen into a naturally interactive wireless digital whiteboard. Just scribble, save, and share.
From legacy devices to the latest of all, EyeRIS® Pro is compatible with all the platforms – Windows® & Mac®. When connected to a Computer / Laptop, makes any software or application running on your device touch enabled and controllable from the big projection screen.

• Can convert any flat surface into a touch-enabled interactive surface.
• Wireless collaboration feature allowing users to share content from laptop, tablet or smartphone .
• Enables wireless Screen cast from any source.
• Feather smooth, fast and real-time writing experience without any lag
• Small and Compact design that can fit in your existing classroom setup.
• Supports Multi-user interaction on the interactive projection at the same time (255 touch points)
• Built-in advanced teaching software called KneuraTeach with a gamut of tools and features empowering the teachers.
• ”MyCloud” feature providing unlimited access to highly relevant and accurate educational content

Galileo ONE_ IWB transform system

By Cybernetyx

Galileo ONE Transform any Display into a Interactive and collaborative learning Solution

A clip-on, wireless interactive device that can turn any flat panel or display into a full-blown touch-interactive display with the help of 3-D Dual Band Optical Movement Detection Technology and make any classroom smart. Its intuitive user interface allows instructors to share their expertise seamlessly using different content sources and makes it easier for learners to grasp the presented ideas.

• Converts any TV / LED display panel into a touchenabled interactive digital whiteboard for teaching.
• Built-in quad core processor that allows it to function as a standalone digital whiteboard in the absence of computer.
• Built-in advanced teaching software, empowering the teachers with a gamut of tools and features.
• Built-in Wireless collaboration feature allowing users to share content from laptop, tablet or smartphone .
• Supports Wireless touchback –any software on the laptop can be controlled from the big projection screen.
• Get access to universal content through MyCloud-Free content search engine and (KSAR) – providing access to • relevant and accurate curated Educational content.
• PRO* Built-in Camera and Microphone array: Enabling Video conferencing, facial recognition and classroom behavior analysis
• Access to Kneura Cloud for teachers, students and Admins -to upload, share and access lesson plan/ classroom session / any content anytime, anywhere.

Translation Workspace- Termsoup

By Dalaran Inc.

Cloud-based Translation Workspace That Boosts Translator’s Productivity

Termsoup is a cloud-based translation workspace that boosts translators’ productivity. It has powerful features that can dramatically cut translators’ working hours, such as one-click query terms, auto suggestion, glossary management, translation memory (TM) and Google machine translation.

It also has features that make collaboration among translators, editors and reviewers easier and more efficient, such as collaboration, comment, edit history, share glossary and TM.

Document Visualizer (Goose-neck Webcam)

By Innowises

Document Visualizer (Goose-neck Webcam) as document cameras, is a real-time image capture device for displaying to a classroom.
- Smart document camera, goose-neck flexible vision visualizer

The visualizer provides you with a well-designed digital presentation device that is not only easy to use but provides excellent image quality. In addition, the visualizer is equipped with innovative software and revolutionary technology, computer screen annotation, picture freezing for comparing teaching …etc

Product Features
• Gooseneck design, Multi-angle image capture and video recording
• Auto-focus mode doc cam, stream live image directly to PC at fast speed
• Scan availability with high definition 5.0 Mega Pixel
• Frame rate up to 30 FPS for visual presentation
• Work standalone without PC, supporting SD card storage, capture and save image or video.
• Document scanning and visual presentation of real objects

Smart IOT Robot - AfoBot

By QNAP Systems, Inc.

Intelligent solutions with the revolutionary AfoBot

AfoBot Scenario: Health Care/ e-home / Bank / Retail/ e-Learning
AfoBot, an assistant robot with 8” screen, to offer an open, flexible and affordable way to develop innovative devices with state-of-the-art components and to design applications based on Android 6.0 platform that can quickly be transformed into final solution.
Video companion robot - AfoBot. Starting from a family life setting and coupled with the new trend of voice recognition technology, AfoBot can easily start video interactions, life assistant services, and provide voice-controlled entertainment for a smarter home.
The AfoBot operating system is based on Android? 6 and carries on the user experience of Android mobile phones or tablets that means even children or the elderly can use it with ease.
SDK ready for the Android 6.0 open platform to enable developers, content creators, and service providers to build apps and value-added experiences for home, office, retail and healthcare industries.

● Wireless Mobility
Sleek and compact design makes AfoBot a convenient device to any environments. With its built-in wireless functions, you can place AfoBot in the living room and use it as a multifunction remote controller to control your home devices, or use it as a conference control terminal that can improve your meeting efficiency.
● Voice-Activated Robot
You can talk to AfoBot just like talking with your friends and family. AfoBot provides hands-free voice control, and enables you to launch programs, commands and actions via voice commands - you can ask or command AfoBot for information and get results or responses instantly.
- Voice and video call
- Auto answer calls from AfoTalk (iOS, Android) or other AfoBot.
- Conference recording
- Supports single or multiple peer calls
- On-line/Off-line voice recognition
- Echo cancelling, noise reduction, auto gain control
- 360o omni-directional audio

"Technology should be close to human nature and improve our lives. But as there is a digital divide in terms of knowledge on the user's part, technology tends to have a gap in their uses." Therefore we switched to voice controls to integrate AfoBot into family life to continue the real experience of family companionship and interactions.