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Coding Galaxy

By Cherrypicks

Coding Galaxy is an all-in-one computational skill learning program which has integrated the innovative use of mobile technology with an effective pedagogy to transform the traditionally mundane learning experience into a creative and interactive one. It is designed to aid 21st century learners in developing computational thinking skills while broadening essential life skills with the 4Cs (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking), as well as problem-solving.

Through studying Coding Galaxy at school, students enjoy the complete computational thinking learning experience with a variety of activities including concept demonstration with real-life examples, group activities / games and eSports. With the intelligent web-based AI powered learning management system for teachers, it provides instructors with real-time learning analytics reports, giving teachers meaningful insights into students' progress and learning patterns, and also teaching effectiveness.

**Coding Galaxy Features**
1. Over 200 game-based missions with scaffolding instructions and hints
2. Collaboration Mode (Multiplayer)
– Aimed to develop students' various communication skills to aid the team to complete missions.
3. Powered by Adaptive AI Knowledge Graph
– All micro-responses are recorded and analysed by the smart learning engine to generate students' mastery index of each learning concept.
4. Designed with Educators in Mind
– Carefully designed curriculum material and lesson plans, along with an activity management tool with learning analytics for teachers.
– Content is in alignment with the International Computer Science Education Standard to build up fundamental computational thinking skills.
5. Advanced Learning Analytics
– In-depth and insightful analytics delivering meaningful learning progress reports.

**Coding Galaxy Objectives**
1. Develop computational thinking skills (e.g. problem exploration, solving and testing, pattern recognition, algorithm design and evaluation).
2. Build up social engagement and collaboration abilities.
3. Develop the ability of knowledge and strategy execution.
4. Master basic computational thinking concepts: Sequence, Looping, Events, Conditional, Function, Parallelism and Debugging.



Virtual reality is used mainly in the gaming industry. Study shows young people, adolescents aged 10 to 17 in particular, consider it very cool and are susceptible to it. Therefore, it serves as a great tool for educators to engage their leaners. With its unlimited possibilities, it works in various areas other than classroom, like marketing and training materials, from video clips to mobile apps, for the traveling, sporting, and content production industries.

MAGIC VR is designed especially for the app developers to easily create content of virtual reality to provide lifelike effects and to reinforce practical skills of users. It supports both the Android and iOS platforms. To start with, developers can use pre-made templates or customize a new template. Then they can freely inject their creativity, integrating 2D, 3D, and move objects in the video or app. In the end, MAGIC VR automatically stores the usages data for process tracking and goal setting – ideal for the management level or the chief technical officers in the corporate world who always seek for an edge technology for a higher-level smart learning solution.

Product features:
● Innovative editing functions with intuitive tool bars and graphic user interfaces
● Flexible storyboard editing for duplication or applications of scenes in different apps
● Event module and object components design to create realistic projects with ease
● Interactive settings for conversational plots to enhance VR experiences
● Rich 3D resource gallery for rapid construction of VR scenes
● Mobile support for learning on Android and iOS devices
● Combination of learning efficiency assessment system