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10 Tablet Charger Cabinet


Xergo DT310PS is a standalone desktop storage and charging cabinet for 10 tablets. It is a feature-rich management device for school teachers. Beside placing and recharging the tablets after class, teachers can synchronize data on the tablets and lock the front door to ensure security. The LED signals on the mesh front door indicate the recharging and data synchronizing progress. In case of class of 20 students or more, 2 or more Xergo cabinets can be stacked up to save space in the office. For a stylish outlook and innovation mentioned, it won Computex d&i Award, which is organized by iF award, in 2013.

Product features:
● Secure and intelligent 10 bays charging cabinet for tablets
● Slide-in doors for space saving and convenience
● Adjustable shelves and space for tablets in their protective rugged cases
● Individual LED status indicators for charging and synchronizing
● Improved charging system for a full 2.4A charging current per device
● (Optional)Wheels, Wall Mount Bracket or Stackable Design (for 2 cabinets)

10 Tablet Charger Cart+10 locks


Xergo DT310SS is an advanced version of Xergo DT310PS, a Computex d&i Award winning charging cabinet for 10 tablets. From charging, data synchronizing, LED indicators for process checking, to space-saving stacking and wall-mounting, it inherits all the innovation form its ancestor product. Furthermore, it has individual key locks for each tablet, offering more management flexibility and property security for school teachers. It is suitable for schools, tutoring centers, and meeting venues where modern technologies are deployed to raising bar of customer satisfaction.

Package Including: Base Unit x 1; Power Cord x 1; Key Set (10 keys) x 2; User Manual x 1; USB Cable x 1; Table Mounting Kit x 1

Smart Power Strip

By eLIFEconnection

Smart Power Strip: ELC-100H PR2
1. Patented durable switch
It can effectively reduce the power supply noises produced by the relay and therefore extend the life cycle of appliances, protecting appliances from switching surge when switching ON and OFF.

2. Extremely high conductivity
Made up of high-conductive and low-impedant copper with the cross-sectional area approx. 6.0 mm2 (7.5mm ht. x 0.8mm thk.), it creates an exceptional pathway for power to travel from the wall, bringing out excellent performance.

3. Active appliances protection
The aging rate or electrical equipment abnormal behavior of the server and peripherals can be monitored over the network by using the Intelligent Monitoring Page (IMP). Updates about power events via email will be immediately provided though the app.

4. Switch automatic recovery during power restoration
The switch automatically recovers to the original status without any registration by network with power restoration.

5. Active notification on power outage
Safety is the first priority. Users will be notified when there is power outage in case to take necessary measures.

6. Industrial-grade reliability
Pin connection is not easy to fall off.

7. Design for heavy duties
The combination of superior materials: the flame-proof case (UL 94 V-0, 5VB; the thickness more than 0.11 inches), the tough front panel (Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363 - B-HB) and the robust power cord (SJT 105°C 3x14AWG (2.08MM2) 300V VW-1).

8. Power management page for all devices
Intelligent Monitoring Page provides a simple dashboard to monitor PDU. All the data can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

9. History log (Who, When, Actions) records in cloud
All data is surely synchronized whenever it is checked.