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By Trigyn Technologies Limited

India’s first Smart Voice Assistant for Hospitality industry powered by industry’s leading advanced voice processing AudioSmart® far-field voice technology from Synaptics Inc.. USA

Trigyn Smart Hospitality is fully integrated with Amazone Alexa, which simplifies and gives automated information to your guests at any point of questioning

Voice search allows guests to verbally input their query, Quick, Easy and Hands free.Many guests find it favorable to typing a query using small keypads on a smart phone.

Alexa’s integration for hospitality industry is serving a new-fangled and convenient experience to the guests, offering an interesting and unique experience. This tends to improve the ratings of the Hotel.

Every guest expects best customer servic. These expectations has grown now from the guest to always experience something more. But tody's hotelier must exceed expectations by being more than just best - they need to be more than the best.

Hopspitality industry is major information centric and every guest feels new to the premises and will have many questions answered politely by Trigyn Smart Hospitality using Alexa. This will incresse customer satishfaction by personalised services and reduce complaints for lack of responce