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Odoo Point of Sale

By Knacktechs Solutions

Odoo Point Of Sale helps shops and restaurants in various ways by simplifying the ways of operation. It is completely cloud based without any software installation. It can be use offline even when the Internet is down and automatically synchronizes with the server when the Internet is restored.

There are multiple payment methods for Odoo Point Of Sale. Cashiers can choose a quick payment mode or split the payment within several payment methods.

Bluetooth Range Extender

By Noodoe Corporation

Noodoe Bluetooth Range Extender helps identify the optimal range of operation between the Noodoe Service Block and the Noodoe Waiter Wristband.
*Optional purchasing item based on Noodoe10 system deployed.

The optimal working distance between Noodoe Service Block and the Noodoe Waiter Wristband is 15-20 meters in open space. The Range Extender solves the environment constrain, to extend service coverage and forward all broadcast messages from Service Blocks to Wristbands and Tablet in the same system.
Typical use cases :
- Large open-space
- VIP room or kitchen
- Concrete wall
- Floors
- Metal door

Noodoe 10

By Noodoe Corporation

GCR table service block system is the first restaurant service system to transform consumer gestures into instant text commands and enable immediate interactions in physical restaurant and on Facebook.
With a table service block system, restaurant customers can gracefully express their needs via a simple flip and quickly be served with sophisticated table-side attendance. There is no more interrupt during their quality private time dining.