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Smart IOT Robot - AfoBot

By QNAP Systems, Inc.

Intelligent solutions with the revolutionary AfoBot

AfoBot Scenario: Health Care/ e-home / Bank / Retail/ e-Learning
AfoBot, an assistant robot with 8” screen, to offer an open, flexible and affordable way to develop innovative devices with state-of-the-art components and to design applications based on Android 6.0 platform that can quickly be transformed into final solution.
Video companion robot - AfoBot. Starting from a family life setting and coupled with the new trend of voice recognition technology, AfoBot can easily start video interactions, life assistant services, and provide voice-controlled entertainment for a smarter home.
The AfoBot operating system is based on Android? 6 and carries on the user experience of Android mobile phones or tablets that means even children or the elderly can use it with ease.
SDK ready for the Android 6.0 open platform to enable developers, content creators, and service providers to build apps and value-added experiences for home, office, retail and healthcare industries.

● Wireless Mobility
Sleek and compact design makes AfoBot a convenient device to any environments. With its built-in wireless functions, you can place AfoBot in the living room and use it as a multifunction remote controller to control your home devices, or use it as a conference control terminal that can improve your meeting efficiency.
● Voice-Activated Robot
You can talk to AfoBot just like talking with your friends and family. AfoBot provides hands-free voice control, and enables you to launch programs, commands and actions via voice commands - you can ask or command AfoBot for information and get results or responses instantly.
- Voice and video call
- Auto answer calls from AfoTalk (iOS, Android) or other AfoBot.
- Conference recording
- Supports single or multiple peer calls
- On-line/Off-line voice recognition
- Echo cancelling, noise reduction, auto gain control
- 360o omni-directional audio

"Technology should be close to human nature and improve our lives. But as there is a digital divide in terms of knowledge on the user's part, technology tends to have a gap in their uses." Therefore we switched to voice controls to integrate AfoBot into family life to continue the real experience of family companionship and interactions.