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Freshservice Estate- IT Asset Management

By Freshworks

Freshservice allows to take complete control of your IT assets using sophisticated feature suites of asset management, smart service desk, work flow management etc. This cloud SaaS based platform helps to manage your IT inventories using following features:
-Incident Management
- Knowledge Base
- Self Service Portal
- Automations
- Standard Reports
- Marketplace
- Unlimited End users
- Service Catalog
- Asset Management
- Custom & Scheduled Reports
- Multiple Portal Languages
- Domain Whitelisting
- Multiple SLAs & Business Hours
- Unlimited Mailboxes
- Change, Problem & Release Management
- Software License Management
- Customizable Agent Roles
- Advanced Security - Custom SSL & Custom Email Servers
- Analytics
- Contract Management
- Project Management
- QR code and BAR code generation


By Mensa Consulting Services (I) Pvt. Ltd

AppGen stands for the Application Generator platform. For functional experts with coding capability, it is beyond just a tool but helps handle unstructured information with great ease. It is cloud-based and can be deployed on either private or public clouds. Best suitable for business process improvement, it features many functions like automated data warehouse, OCR, encryption, robotics, translation, among which, automation and artificial intelligence are the most important.

AppGen is designed for large enterprises usually with customization requirement and for business process not generally covered by ERP products, like example quality testing, compliance workflow, finance budgeting or tax application.

MSB Docs - Smart Document Solutions

By MSB Docs

MSB is a fully validated cloud-based comprehensive digital workflow and signature solution to accomplish all necessities of Healthcare, Lifesciences, Financial services, Real estate etc. With multi-factor authentication, tamper proofing, detailed audit trail and complete time stamping details MSB make sure your documents are secure and compliant. mySignatureBook replaces printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting
documents with the easiest, fastest,most trusted way to make every approval and decision digital.
It provides following main functions:
1.Document management
2.Electronic & Digital Signatures
3.Workflow Processing
4.Long-Term Storage
5.Powerful & Easy Functionality
6.Legal & Regulatory Compliance
7. Secure and Auditable

Electronic Shelf Label / tags

By Netronix Inc.

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)
Long lifetime with multiple updates per day.
Wide view angle, clear view under sunlight.
Built-in battery monitor.
LQI on display while deployment.
Reliable display data verification.
Zigbee(2.4GHz) technology.
Proprietary protocol.

ESL Coordinator

By Netronix Inc.

Coordinator receive information from router through the wired network. Then pass the information to each ESL with Zigbee. One Coordinator can handle 3,000 ESL at most.

Manage up to 3,000 ESLs by one coordinator
Cover range up to 2,000 m2 , radius of 25 meters
Comply with IEEE 802.15.4 protocol ( Zigbee Physical Layer and MAC Layer )
Comply with Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX ( RJ-45 LAN port )
Built-in Radio module with 16 channels in 2.4 GHz
Support software including Template Editor, Composer , Label Manager, Scheduler, System Manager

ESL Software NxESL

By Netronix Inc.

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) is kind of electronic display panel displaying product pricing on shelves.  It can show commodity price, barcode, commod name up. You can use it in retail industry or warehousing that are need to storage or display commodity area. Electronic shelf label compare with traditional label, it has repeatability, accuracy, convenience and immediacy. Reduce cost and get more flexible marketing strategy and increase your corporate identity. 
Futuristic Trend of Smart Retail
• Ideal for dynamic, variety and real-time information
• Saving paper waste and printing cost
• Reducing labor costs/ time and increasing productivity
• Wireless communication: reducing error rates and allow timely price update
• Wide viewing angle, and easily read in any light
• Extremely low power consumption
• Support red and yellow colors to promote sale items

ESL Infrastructures
1. Requires multiple routers due to large area, and the routers connect server with cable Internet.
2. Each router handles numerous end-devices through Zigbee.
3. Managers can monitor every area from the server-end, and change label info at will.
4. Uses private IP to upgrade data security in the area.

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) Solution

By Witstec

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are digital product labels or tags that display price, inventory and product name. Retail stores with ESL capability can fully analyze and optimize their sales activity, profitability, productivity and flexibility. Internationally, retailers are rapidly implementing the ESL as part of the solution for the integration of offline, online, logistics and data in a single chain. The most common ESL adopters are supermarkets, grocery, liquor, pharmacy, fashion, electronic retailer and stores that change product prices on a daily or weekly basis. These businesses will profit from ESLs numerous benefits.

Electronic shelf label or digital price label. In-display technology, it adopts the same electronic ink screen technology as Kindle, with low power consumption and clear display.

The advantages of ESL
* Low power consumption
* Cloud management
* Save money
* Efficient operation
* Price update immediately
* High safety standard

Bluetooth ESL Features :
* No base station, no server, support mobile APP update
* Connection via scanning code, read and refresh immediately
* Multiple templates available
* Support firmware update online
* Dotted electronic paper screen, wide viewing angle
* 4 years battery life, the battery can be replaced
* Use anytime, anywhere, no need to set up a limited installation environment.

Vending Machine Upgrade Solution

By Yallvend Co., Ltd.

Vending Machine Upgrade Solution
E-payment and Inventory System

•Integration adapt to different local markets
•Continued transaction when coin-jam happens

Core Technical
- Vending payment module plus IoT create unique system for vending machines and other coin-operated machines.
Transnational Integration
- We have integrated e-payment in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines into coin-operated machines, and keep increasing.

Easy installation (under 3 minutes)
High compatibility
4G sim included (wifi module is an alternate)
Cloud management platform
Modification is needless for vending machine