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Content Services

By Linkstreet Learning Priviate Limited.

Pick from thousands of ready to use scenarios that are available, ranging from customer service and sales techniques to SOPs and safety & compliance. Our team of instructional designers and trainers also ensure rapid custom content creation for scenarios or products that are unique to your organisation.

Linkstreet Pro

By Linkstreet Learning Priviate Limited.

Linkstreet Pro is a cloud-based, end-to-end LMS (Learning Management System) solution which is currently providing seamless yet modular functionality to more than 25,000 users. It is applicable to various learning scenarios: self-paced learning, live virtual learning, blended learning, online paid or free courses, and webinar hosting.

Product features:
1. Course Management: Ability to create structured courses and organize course content on a topic/chapter basis or on a timeline basis (weekly, monthly, etc.)
2. User Management: Ability to register users (faculty, students, admin) and enroll them in to one or more courses for a specific duration
3. Content Management: Storing, sharing and retrieving videos and other course content including the ability to create inline rich text content, links to external pages, videos, etc.
4. Assessment: Enabling online quiz with question bank (various types like multiple choices, true/false, short/long answer etc.); grading and reports are inclusive
5. Collaboration Platform: Connecting remote students and faculty across multiple locations, live sessions, and webinars


By Linkstreet Learning Priviate Limited.

The progress of e-learning revolutionizes not only schools and course providers but the corporate world. One-time training does not guarantee learning or knowledge retention, and trainers have to travel to distributed retail outlets – so difficult and expensive for the corporate. Meanwhile, short product lifecycle requires quick updates, and employees are not always motivated to learn. Micro-learning provides the answer to these issues and engages the millennials in the workplace.

RAPL is a mobile app for continuous bite-sized learning. It is notification-based to enable reinforced and adaptive learning to each employee. The library with job aids feature acts as a ready reckoner on the job, and the gamification design encourages and motivates the learners. There are plenty ready-to-use scenarios, ranging from product knowledge and sales techniques to SOPs and safety & compliance, assisting rapid custom content development for scenarios unique to each organization.

Product features:
● Retention focused: Scientific spaced repetition techniques for knowledge retention
● Adapted to each learner: Learning is specific and adapted to each individual
● Multilingual: Learners can choose to view material in the language of their choice
● Library of job aids: A library of reference material acts as a ready reckoner on the job
● Gamified: Points, leaderboards and badges maintain a competitive spirit among learners
● Quick deployment: Get started in less than a day, across mobile and desktop
● Monitoring: Hierarchy based monitoring by region, area, territory and more