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EPB System

By Enterprise Browser Technology Corp.

Enterprise Browser is a software company based in Singapore that provides solution to global enterprises with businesses in Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing, Logistics (especially in Marine Logistic) and other vertical industries. Our product, Enterprise Browser Business Operation Management System (EPB System), provides functional solutions for operations and process integration within the enterprise. Built upon the latest Internet technology, EPB system offers the most competitive package solution for SMB users especially in Asia. Most of our executives for R&D, consulting, management, customer service team have over 15-year experience in ERP industry. We have branch office in Shanghai and Taipei. In addition, we have over hundreds of customers in Asia Pacific including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Combodia, Maymar, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. EPB system architecture is able to support SaaS (Software as a Service) as well as cloud computing environment.

The main functions are:
- Sales Management
- Purchaisng Management
- Manufacturing Management
- Accouting Managment
- Inventory Management
- Retailing Management
- Marine Logistic Management
- Customer Relationship Management
- Workflow Engine
- Business Intelligence

Our main objectives are:
- to deliver fast and scalable business system product, over any network
- to build EPB system as a standard product for fast distribution and implementation
- to embed an active workflow system that connect business processes and proactively improve business operations and drive the best results
- Dashboard based active system that delivers right information in the right time.