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SkyREC 3X AI+BI 360° Management_4C Pack


SkyREC 3X AI+BI 360° Management_4C Package for 18-30 Sqm (Facial recognition Analysis*1 + People Count*1 + Shelf Analysis*2 + Video focus*2)

SkyREC - The Best Solution for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers
SkyREC Analytics solution is an in-store solution to improve store performance by Video analysis.

3X 4C Package is used for 18-30 Sqm shopping store. Planning for Hardwares :1 server with 4 cameras. With 4 Analysis function selections:
Facial recognition Analysis*1 + People Count*1 + Shelf Analysis*2 + Video focus*2

SkyREC offers science-based shopper behavior and store performance analysis with crystal clear insights.
Brick-and-mortar retailers today no longer compete on product, price, and availability alone. Providing a better shopping experience for customers is the key to increase more revenue and brand value. Shoppers
Find out shopper behavior and preference via video, and multiple sensors analysis without bothering customers.
Scientific measurement meets the real-world insights - it's the most valued big data for predicting shopper behavior, improving in-store operation, decreasing cost and increasing sales revenue
Provide total analytics solution via cloud-based platform and monthly subscription service. All data is encrypted with high security.