GCR Introduces Cybernetyx EyeRIS 9090 FT to the Indonesia Market

GCR news [Wednesday, 30 May 2018]

An Interactive Whiteboard System Designed for Efficiency, Interactivity on Demand.

GCR held a launch event for Cybernetyx EyeRIS 9090 FT, a durable and cost-effective system, to fulfill the emerging demand for interactive whiteboard system in Indonesia market. The local pre-sales, distribution and post-sales services are now supported by GCR Indonesia Office and its channel partner – PT Celestia Sinergi Indonesia.

There is a significant growth in the Indonesia digital education market. Schools have been more receptive to use the ICT (information communication technology) tools in the classroom, and some of the popular choices are the digital projector and the interactive whiteboard.

However, these products are usually very expensive and lack flexibility. The bulky items are fragile and susceptible to breakage when moving, no need to mention the high maintenance fee and extra care required every year.

“We feel the strong need for a hybrid solution that can take the software’s advantage in interacting with computer applications and still keep the smooth writing experience on the physical whiteboard,” said Dedhy H. Yahya, Director at PT Celestia Sinergi Indonesia. “We are glad to be recommended with Cybernetyx EyeRIS 9090 FT which is portable and can convert any projection surface, a regular whiteboard or a display panel, into an interactive whiteboard. Teachers can even write with a normal marker on it, fast and real-time, while schools can leverage its existing equipment and no longer need to bear a heavy financial burden when implementing new technologies to revamp teaching.”

“Cybernetyx EyeRIS 9090 FT is equipped with multi-touch capability with up to 255 touch points simultaneously. The built-in high-speed sensors provide image processing capability with 60-70 FPS tracking rate – which can be extrapolated and extended up to 200 FPS. These superior specifications contribute an unprecedented fluent writing experience with zero off-sets, occlusion and calibration instability,” added Budi Mulya, Engineering Manager at GCR Indonesia Office.

Cybernetyx EyeRIS 9090 FT targets not only the school classrooms but also the meeting rooms in corporate and government, appealing to those who are new interactive whiteboard and digital projector customers, who want to upgrade their digital projectors or looking for a surface independent interactivity, and those who are budgeting for interactive panels.








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