GCR Received the Editor’s Choice Award 2017 from NCN, India

GCR news [Friday, 13 July 2018]

GCR Cloud has been recognized with the Editor’s Choice Award 2017 by NCN during its 11th NCN Innovative Product Awards event 2018.

GCR Cloud has been recognized with the Editor’s Choice Award 2017 by NCN during its 11th NCN Innovative Product Awards event 2018, as the best innovative cloud-based partner platform for IoT solutions. GCR was also given the Guest of Honor Award at the 11th NCN Award Night. Tony Tsao, the founder and CEO of GCR, was present and received these awards on behalf of the GCR team.

NCN, National Computer News, is one of the most reputable online and printed media companies in India. It has conducted the NCN Innovative Product Awards Ceremony to provide an interactive and informative platform for the ICT industry to thrive and forge innovation since 2007. This year, the ceremony was held on May 18th, together with the co-event NCN-ICT Channel Partner Summit, and more than 500 representatives of vendors, corporate executives and leading resellers and distributors from pan India and overseas were participating, cutting across the verticals of the industry. The awardees are selected on the basis of online voting and expert opinions of the panel of judges.

GCR was awarded for its innovative business model in the new IoT economy, and Tony Tsao also had a chance to further talked about his background, the mission and his vision for GCR in a video interview by NCN later.

“I realized how the value of channel services outweighs the product itself from my past 20 years serving in D-Link and came up with the idea of GCR, Global Channel Resources. The advancements in IoT and cloud computing have inspired lots of new vendors worldwide, and channels need to get familiar with them as well as their products quickly. A B2B online platform helps to match these opportunities and contribute to deals. Meanwhile, local service always remains crucial for a successful project deployment,” said Tony.

“I am lucky to have cultivated the Indian market for many years and built a great local service team. Thus, while our GCR Cloud platform can leverage e-commerce and cloud computing technologies to provide end-to-end IoT solutions for our channel partners, our GCR Indian office is able to help them demonstrate the real IoT values to their business clients – as the way we had been backing them up with the networking products,” added Tony.

As Tony concluded in the end of the interview, GCR is “an Internet Plus company, aiming to add values to the existing ecosystem.” This new value chain not only enables the worldwide ISVs (Independent Solution Vendors) to smoothly localize and sell their products with qualified GCR logistics and payment partners overseas, but also enhances the channel partners’ ability to be an MSP (Managed Service Provider) and to continue devoting their expertise, serving their clients with great IoT benefits.

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