GCR and DrGroup Global Announce Cooperation

GCR news [Thursday, 21 January 2016]

Global Channel Resources (GCR) and DrGroup Global have expressed commitment to each other for a proactive cooperation. GCR is committed to scouting innovative products and solutions for its cross-border e-commerce platform - CPSP (Channel Partner Service Portal), while DrGroup Global is committed to deploy these products and solutions and response to the first-tier support in the Australia, New Zealand and Fiji markets.

Retailers today are sinking in the competition with the online discounters, to turn the tables on online discounters, smart retailers now need to incorporate a wide variety of channels, like website, mobile site, mobile app and many IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, to enhance the consumers’ shopping experience and add true value in engaging with a Smart Retailer.

DrGroup Global, originally started as a local onsite IT service and support company and has grown to now an international and well recognized business, which caters for information technology, audiovisual, telecommunication and intelligent smart solutions for its business customers. With a profound knowledge on the challenges its retail customers are facing, it identified a need to build for them a seamless, unified identification across physical and digital channels to provide that competitive advantage.

After a series of prudent evaluations on global emerging technology providers, DrGroup Global decided to partner with GCR, the expert in the IoT field, to better serve its retail customers and help them remain competitive in the tough industry climate. David Raffen, DrGroup Managing Director, said “GCR provides a total solution with a well thought-out and developed backend support system containing world leading solutions. DrGroup Global is proud to be GCR’s representative in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. To compliment with these solutions, we are also looking for smart solutions developed within Australia, New Zealand and Fiji which we can also take with the GCR team to an international audience".

Tony Tsao, Founder and CEO of GCR, said “This is a very strategic collaboration between two companies. GCR is very delighted that DrGroup Global decided to partner with GCR in the Smart SaaS and Connected solutions field. We consider this cooperation very symbolic as DrGroup Global recognizes the strength of GCRs service delivery platform and will utilize it to jointly develop the Smart Connected solution market".

As a young company of two years, GCR is now concentrating its focus in the retail segment covering products and solutions from mobile push marketing, video intelligence analysis, environmental monitor and control, to augmented reality system. Very soon, GCR will extend its expertise to the education and healthcare segments and add more automation and management features in the future roadmap of its CPSP platform.








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