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GCR news [Monday, 16 May 2016]

At NRA Show 2016, GCR cordially invites you to visit the booth at 9264 in Lakeside Center, McComick Place, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. from May 21 to 24.

At the show, GCR will introduce its smart dining solution thoroughly rolled out based on four aspects of demands in the market.

1. Big Data Analysis

Customer and transaction data generated in the restaurant decodes the establishments. The traffic analytic system provides useful insights of different customer demographics at different store fronts in a scale of restaurant chains, so managers can adjust cuisine volume and recipe to cater to specific preference of their neighbourhoods. The environmental monitor and control system helps to maintain a pleasant and eco-saving dining atmosphere via a mobile app and an intuitive cloud dashboard.

2. Mobile Business

GCR provides its clients with tools to execute push marketing towards digital signage, dining tables, mobile browsers and mobile apps. This allows them to embark a new revenue stream from partner alliance and cross-advertising. The touchpad on table acts as an O2O (offline to online) service portal for exclusive multimedia services, while the Wi-Fi push marketing system dispatches advertisements precisely toward customers according to their demographics and needs.

3. Experience Economy

Cuisine is critical to restaurants, yet customer service and experience appeal to repeat-customers who account for a large portion of restaurant businesses. The table service block system solves the awkward situation where customer needs and waiter attendances never meet and differentiates this experience with fast, accurate, and personalized table-side attendance for restaurants even in the most competitive city area.

4. Cloud-based Business Administration

To spare more room for dining area, space of restaurant counters is always limited, and so does space for cooking, storage, and preparation. The cloud POS replaces its traditional bulky and expensive ancestor and makes the workbench less narrow and crowded. Other cloud-based backend supporting systems, like cloud CRM, cloud ERP and e-learning systems, help restaurant operate with higher efficiency and flexibility.

For restaurant owners, GCR provides a one-stop shopping that they can get from their information technology service providers, whether their needs are project-based or SaaS subscription based. There are always more innovations expected on board and to be explored on GCR’s channel partner service portal!

About NRA Show 2016

NRA Show takes places every year and is the largest gathering of the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry in the United States. It is held by National Restaurant Association, the leading association in America’s restaurant industry that comprises more than 1 million restaurants and foodservice outlets and 14 million employees. NRA Show 2016 is the 97th edition of this event. For more information, please visit:








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